Since there's been some questions raised about this issue, I will reiterate our long standing policies.

The basic rule of thumb is the Golden Rule. Would you want someone to apply the process and attitude you are proclaming to you and your work?

More specifically: negative comments on vendor's service, shipping policies, cost structure, personal characteristics, etc. will be deleted on sight. They are irrelevant to the equipment under review and impossible for us to verify. They also could pose problems for the forums themselves and I can't allow that.

Factual reviews of gear, comparing it with -originals- (not competitors), and reasonable discussions of those reviews, are not only tolerated but greatly desired here. Providing images and specific references aids others in evaluating your statements. Research that others can verify would be the most valuable.

To be clear, reviews by vendors of their own or a competitor's gear are not allowed. While it might be good in theory, in practical terms it simply generates more heat than light.

That's it for now. If you have questions, please feel free to post them to this thread or email me privately.