Greetings folks,

I'm building an impression of a local doctor for my interp job at Historic Washington State Park. I'm going to need a few things since I have primarily done Civil War Confederate's in the past and am relatively new to civilian.

I'd like to find a double breasted frock -- size 40 -- preferably in a dark color.
A sack coat -- size 40 -- summer weight (linen or cotton) OR wool.
Waist coat -- size 40 -- either plain or in a print.
Trousers -- size 34 waist/32 inseam -- same color as frock or in a contrasting color.
A proper cut shirt for the 1850s -- size 40 -- preferably white (no prints).

I know where I can get most of this stuff new... and right now I can't afford it. I wish I could... but I can't.

The best way to get in touch with me is through email

Any help would be much appreciated!


Eric Stuart