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Thread: Moderator note on sales

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    Default Moderator note on sales

    Moderator Note: Just a friendly reminder that all sales posts are to be limited to 10 items or less per post. You may have up to two sales posts running at the same time. This helps our limited moderator team immensely. We've had a couple of sellers in the last two days go over the limit, but they've sold enough items before we could moderate that we let them stand. Future posts will be deleted if they go beyond our guidelines. We are first and foremost a forum to share and learn - sales are secondary and are a privilege for those who contribute intellectually....
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    Lets try this in a bit larger, more obnoxious type.

    You can have no more than 10 items in an ad. You can have 2 ads at any one time.

    It takes awhile for you to type up an ad. You're going to be unhappy when we delete it completely because it does not meet the rules here.
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