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Thread: Confederate sack coats

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    If you're interested in portraying the 9th Georgia Artillery Battalion where it was engaged on the Knoxville Campaign, in Southwest Virginia, and around Petersburg, then you have a few options. Generally speaking, during the winter of '63-'64, some of the Confederates post-Knoxville, and in Winter Quarters, received a large issuance of clothing from North Carolina's governor Zeb Vance. This would have likely included North Carolina-style shell jackets (Not NC sack coats, which are early-war garments). Photos of Confederate dead around Petersburg show a preponderance of dark woolen shell jackets in the Richmond Clothing Bureau "type 2" and "type 3" styles, almost surely made of blue-gray English army cloth. Given this, the most generic garment you could choose for a mid-to-late war impression representing the 9th Georgia Artillery Battalion would probably be a Type 2 Richmond Depot style shell jacket made out of blue-gray kersey English army cloth (epaulettes and belt loops, but no tape or piping trim).

    For early war this obviously wouldn't be the case.

    Of course, this is all assuming you would actually be attending events portraying battles where the 9th Georgia Artillery Battalion was engaged. If you end up going to an event (let's say, something in the Atlanta Campaign) where the 9th Georgia Artillery Battalion was not engaged, then just throw my advice out the window.

    As stated earlier, the only truly generic item out there in the Confederate sphere is a single-breasted frock coat.
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    That about covers it.
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