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Thread: Need info on sellers of 1833 Dragoon Saber

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    Default Need info on sellers of 1833 Dragoon Saber

    I am wanting to reenact and interpret both 1830s and 1840s US Dragoons and Civil War Cavalry. Therefore I am looking at purchasing an 1833 Dragoon saber since it is quite versatile. But, I am trying to find companies that sell reproductions that look correct. I do not really plan on clanking sabers, but you never know so I need something that will also be able to take a little, but not much, abuse. I do know that the original sabers on the blades have "United States" where the repros I have found say "United States Dragoons," which is fine.
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    I know very little about 1833 Dragoon sabres, but I would recommend that you check with Gary Beauregaurd. I don't know if he makes a Dragoon sabre, but I know he makes blades from different time periods, and his work is top shelf. His prices are VERY reasonable as well.

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