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    Default Profile Set-Up

    I tried to search for this answer but I'm not sure if that is fully enabled so here goes. When I try to set up my profile it is restricted as a new user.

    I'm assuming that you have to be approved through post review to fully set it up.

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    Actually, it's a bit more than that.

    As a Junior Member, you have limited access to the Forum.

    You can't use the Private Messaging system--we limit this in order to keep out spam private messages. In order to do that, we have to lock Junior Members out of the Profile system too. It's a software limitation.

    You also can't use the classified ads--you can't post stuff for sale.

    What you can do is use the discussion forums--ask questions or contribute your research. Your posts will be reviewed by a Moderator and will take about 24 hours to appear. After awhile, you'll be granted full membership.
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