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Thread: Slightly OT, Looking for Pictures of Vests

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    Default Slightly OT, Looking for Pictures of Vests

    I'm looking for pictures with dates of fellas wearing vests. I'm trying to get an idea of how vests looked in which decade, 1850, 60, 70 and 80. If you have pictures that show folks wearing their vests, that show the shape of the bottom hem and the collar of the vests please post them.

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    In brief and to over generalize...

    Vests were not NUG an item of issue, and tend to be private purchase or sent-from-home.

    You will find that vests fall into two generic categories- the single or double breasted "civilian" varieties with the open neck with or without lapels.. and the "military' style buttoning to the neck with a standing collar.

    Here are some "civilian" vests:"

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    A great resource for original civilian garments is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here is their search page:

    Type in "wasitcoat" and multiple results will come up. You can then narrow it down using the "who," "what," "where," "when" tabs at the top. They have many many originals. You can also do this for coats and trousers. Great resource.

    Secondly, the LOC has an online image collection titled America's First Look into the Camera, 1839-1864:

    Pay close attention to the collars on waistcoats. We often think of shawl-collar or non-shawl collar, but there are other styles that were popular in the 1840s-1860s. The shawl width also changes as well as the opening.

    These should get you started. Good luck in your research.

    Kyle M. Stetz

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    Picture 001 - Shortcut.lnk (file://EMACHINE/Users/Owner/Pictures/Picture/Picture%20001%20-%20Shortcut.lnk)
    Merritt McKinney Co. A 35thNCT 1861

    Kevin Ellis,

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    Thanks guys!


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