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Thread: Fugawee Brogans

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    If you go to the web site page, the top two images are the same shoe style just rough or smooth out. Move the image so you see the back of the shoe on both and notice the drastic difference in heel profiles. Top image flares out while the bottom image is perpendicular. Sometimes Fugawee gets it right sometimes not, they are not always consistent from what I have seen.

    Pat Cunningham

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    They tend to run a bit narrow. I wear a standard width shoe in modern shoes and have a pair of wide Fugawee's and they are still a bit tight. They look better than typical sutler row shows, but are not as well made or authentic in the details as some of the other previously mentioned vendors. Specifically, thread type, heel nails, nails in the toe area. My next pair will likely be Land's, they seem to be the best bet between price and authenticity.

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    I could say that Nike sneakers feel better on my feet, but they are not close to being authentic. There are options out there where you can get a very authentic brogan and yet fits your foot. Missouri Boot and Shoe is a great example, where he makes a period-correct shoe that is made for YOUR foot (multiple measurements).

    Good luck,
    Jim Butler


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