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Thread: 26th United States Colored Troops Upstate New York

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    Default 26th United States Colored Troops Upstate New York

    Greetings all!!!

    We are looking for people interested in helping start a new unit in the New York Capital Region. There were many soldiers who fought bravely in USCT regiments but they are sadly neglected in the hobby, we are hoping to turn that around by starting a new regiment that will be based on authenticity and love of history. We are looking for anyone who fits those two requirements.

    If you are interested in getting involved, or wish to help out please contact us at or

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    I wish you all the luck on this one. We see far too few African-Americans in the hobby, be they soldiers, slaves, or civilians. I know that there's a small organization out here in Ohio, the 5th USCT that you might be able to contact with any questions.

    Again, good luck!
    Mel Glover
    -GG grandson of Cpl Christian Greener, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, Co. F

    -Rob Weaver is my guru:
    -" of the characteristics of a good reenactor is the willingness to not be bulletproof."
    -"Be more concerned with your own impression than with anyone else's."
    -"Be a joyful and competent warrior and other reenactors will want to be around you."

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    You can also contact the 102nd USCT here in Michigan and don't forget that the union navy was up to over 30% African - American if you'd like to do that impression with a mixed group. contact the USNLP

    Geo. Dailey
    USNLP (western Waters)

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    Thanks guys. I have always been interested in finding a local USCT, and realising how small they were, I figured the best way to change it was to start a new one. We have four members so far and we are hoping to grow and participate in regional and national events for the 150th soon!

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    The Colonel of the 26th USCT was a former member of the 124th NY, Captain William Silliman (Co. C). Lot on him in the 124th NY regimental history available on google books. Good luck with your recruiting efforts!
    Ryan McIntyre
    Captain, 124th NY
    Founder, The Squatting BullFrog Mess

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    I heard that there was a new USCT commemorative unit forming in New York. Best wishes and best regards for much success. You will have a ready market for recruiting as there is no unit within a good radius of your location of Albany and Rochester.

    I strongly suggest that you join and/or connect with the USCT Living History Association. The website is outdated but is being updated soon. See The USCTLHA Yahoo Discussion Board (USCT Brigade) is ongoing and can be subscribed to at . There are links to various USCT focused items, and the current list of USCT organizations/units. There are currently thirty-three units or organizations listed. They can be a valuable resource to you as you build the 26th USCT. Your unit can be added. Introduce yourself on the discussion forum and post your information for inclusion on the list.

    Civil War living history/reenactor is very segmented. There are USCT seminars, reenactments/living history, school of the soldier/artillery etc that are often overlooked by the general CW population. There are traditional annual events in which your unit can attend (Fort Pochanatos; Camp Nelson; Olustee just to name a few). The USCTLHA has three designated national maximum effort events which you are more than welcomed to join (Boston in May 2013; NPS Vicksburg Milliken's Bend in June 2013; and "President Lincoln, Colored Warriors and the Spirit of Freedom" in August 2013. Also, there is an event in September at Camp William Penn. Again, tap into the USCTLHA to keep updated. Like all CW units, our numbers are depleted due to the economy and age. It takes several units to pull a quarter company, therefore your four members will add to the ranks.

    Best Regards,
    Yulanda Burgess
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    Yulanda Burgess
    5th USCI, Co. C
    USCT Living History Association

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    Default USCT at Fort Pocahontas

    I would like your four members and any other USCT reenactors to consider participating in the Battle of Fort Pocahontas at Wilson's Wharf near Charles City, VA this May 18 & 19. The original battle was a USCT victory over Fitzhugh Lee's Cavalry. I would be happy to provide further information to any interested persons. Your most humble servant, Jan Kopacz, Sgt Major, 5th U.S. Artillery


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