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Thread: 150th Gettysburg

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    Question 150th Gettysburg

    Does anyone have any information about guidelines, scenarios, rules etc for the Union Medical Department at Gettysburg Event being held in July?

    I've looked over the website and have found no information pertaining to us. If anyone has any info, I would appreciate it.

    John Ferrannini
    Surgeon, 67th NY 1st Long Island Vols.

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    I've cleaned up this thread a number of times. Sometimes the remarks got a warning, sometimes they got an infraction. Either way, the remarks disappeared.

    Those little red cards mean something.

    Choose your event. Go to it. Talk about it.

    Let the next guy choose his event, go to it and talk about it.

    And some folks get to do three and even four events in this time frame. Hooray!
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    Did you check the GAC website? There must be a pphone number there somewhere. This close to the event, calling someone associated, is going to be your best option. I would guess you'd have to go by the rules they have set on the website as a general guidline but, yours is a more special impression.

    Contact via mail or phone:
    "Grumpy" Dave T.

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    John, I would contact the Federal command, and ask for contact information for their medical coordinator ... then go from there.
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