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    Default Army Soft Bread

    Is there any type of bread loaf found at a bakery or grocery store that could pass, (shape and size), to Federal issue soft bread?

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    Yes, but you'll have to hunt a bit, read labels and chat up the bakers.

    The Federal ration calls for 1 pound 6 ounces per man. You'll want a loaf of this size, round or oblong does not matter, of white flour, with no fancy herbs or seeds decorating the inside or the outside. The crust can be pretty tough, protecting the softer bread inside.

    I've found such at Walmart, Panera, and at small local bakeries. A locally owned pizza place may be open to doing a company issue for you. And you can always line up the Dutch ovens and do them yourself.
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    Not sure if that will help but there is one photo.
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    Hard bread is not so bad after you try to make your own soft bread in a dutch oven
    with the kind of uneven heat source which is available via campfire embers.

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    In comparing hard bread to soft bread, I really don't think baking bread in a Dutch oven is that difficult. The beauty of a Dutch oven is that it relies on coals and the mass of the cast iron oven to produce a much more even heat than active flames and a thin container. One of the young ladies in our unit when she was a sophomore in high school made her first loaf of bread ever in a Dutch oven at an event. It turned out beautifully and she was one proud baker.

    For soldiers, the challenge would be transporting the Dutch oven. If you are campaigning, you would definitely not be carrying that much weight.
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