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Thread: Looking for a Mobile Al unit for BGA Gettysburg for friends.

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    Default Looking for a Mobile Al unit for BGA Gettysburg for friends.

    I have friends who want to get into reenacting, they also want to go to Gettysburg. I would like to help them with that.

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    First, it's very wise for them to make their own connections. Unit fit is a very personal choice.

    Contact staff at Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan for information on units in the area.

    Finally, it is Very Late to be attempting a trip of this magnitude. Many (wise) units require time to learn drill and safety practices before traveling with the unit.

    There is no good 'one-stop-shopping' to outfit a soldier. The operative word here is Good, as there are people who will sell you a complete turnkey impression, but the quality is poor.
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    If you are looking for getting into progressive reenacting with minimum authenticity standards, then I would suggest contacting one of the SCAR member units. The Tick Creek Troublemakers represent Alabama, but you can certainly contact any of the member units. The website with unit links is at

    Jim Butler


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