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Thread: Wool cloths available to the Confederacy ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallstoomuch View Post
    In EoG there is an olive drab color RD III that belonged to a Virginia officer-Lt Bidgood I think-I thought it was jean but according to the MoC uniform catalogue it's broadcloth. That catalogue is great cause it tells you what the pieces are made out of.
    Be careful when making assumption about color in those photos. I have seen , in person, a couple of the jackets pictured in EoG and they do not appear the same color as in the photos. Lighting makes a huge difference.
    For example, the Lyons 'Atlanta Depot' jacket is not 'salt and pepper burlap' as stated and is no where near as dark in the photo.
    Note: I am reffering to Echoes of Glory pictures and descriptions. I have never seen the MoC publication so I cannot comment there.
    Mark A Taylor

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    Lt. Bidgood's jacket is described as olive drab...however the color that is seen now could be from age and fading
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    There was of course jean (both cotton and woolen), but also satinette, cassimire, lindsey-woolsey, etc....... Just depends of the time being portrayed and other factors.


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