Single ply wool socks are now in stock and ready to ship to your door!! Just in time for warmer weather....

What does single ply mean?? First, many may ask, "What does single ply mean?" When woolen fibers are spun into yarn, that forms a single "thread" of yarn. Those threads are then twisted together to form a "worsted" yarn. Since these socks are single ply of woolen thread, they are much lighter in weight than the double ply socks that I have traditionally provided.

Why are did you pursue carrying these socks? I was able to purchase an original, 1850's pair of men's socks last fall from a collector. These socks were found in new, unworn condition in an 1850's dated trunk containing the gentleman's property. When I received the socks, I knew that I wanted to reproduce them because of the lack of available reproduction socks in a lighter weight...and the fact that these originals were typical of the period yet were virtually unavailable to the living historian. That started this project, and I am very pleased with the results you can see below.

Available in the single ply wool are natural white, natural gray, gray with white toe and heel (only one pair of these currently) and natural white with gray toe and heel. These are available in the same sizes as our normal socks, Medium and Large.

The price for these socks are $49.95 per pair. This is, of course, more expensive than our 2 ply, but please appreciate the fact that these socks take 3 times the "man hours" to knit......., so they require much more labor to produce.

You can see the socks below and on my website at

Original pair of men's 1850's socks

Our reproductions