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    Minor English question here - in diary entries from the war I keep seeing 'staid' used instead of 'stayed', for example, "Last night I staid at Mr. Green's house." Was staid taught back then, or just a common misspelling? One diarist is Horatio Nelson Taft, a very educated man and personal friend of the president, and he uses staid frequently. Was this just a language quirk of the time?
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    You peaked my curiousity. has two meanings for it, adjective and verb. The verb form describes as follows:

    Archaic. a simple past tense and past participle of stay

    So, it looks like it was just a common spelling of the time
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    Spelling was not standardized in the 19th century. Words got spelled phonetically, a lot.
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    In a semi-lirerate society, phonetic spelling abounds.

    And as shared, yes... there are "archaic" versions that go, or fade in an out, or are still used.

    We just had a discussion this past weekened over "-ed" versus '-t" past endings. Such as "I burnt the toast." versus "I burned the toast."

    Staid versus tayed is a bit more archaic than paid versus payed, or said versus sayed."

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