Here's the deal.

Dave's had to bow out of running the show due to work scheduling problems, and from what I hear there's no one able to fill his shoes. I don't have the time to run a big march this year, unfortunately, so I'm considering my options. I'd appreciate hearing from folks here on the following:

At this point I'd like to go for a walk, on the historical route and the historical dates, you can read the details of the 2008 march here:

If some friends want to tag along, I'd be happy for the company. If we keep the group size to around 12 or so the logistics are easy to manage, and the problems with law enforcement for road use permits, etc. are negligible.

I'd like to keep it to a "cafeteria style" arrangement, come for an hour, come for a week. I see this more as public education and commemorating heroes, not so much having a "period moment." Trust me, after the first few miles in a wool suit in June you get all the authenticity you can handle. Many of you know exactly what I mean.

Health and safety always trump other considerations. I'm not a medical expert but my judgement on that will be final and I tend to err on the side of caution.

It's hard, but it's doable to participate if you're in reasonably good health. Start walking now to prepare for this, but don't come expecting to prove your manhood. The original march broke the health of good men, and we all have to go back to work when this is over. But if you want to tag along, drop me a note here or contact me on Facebook or email, if you know it. Google my name and you should find me pretty easy.

I'll be revising my site's page and the links there in the next week or so. We'll probably ask folks to kick in for gas, food, water, etc. to help defray expenses, but I don't foresee those being exorbitantly high. My old beater pick up truck doesn't get good mileage, but then, it won't have far to go most days. For a truck. And my wife's volunteered to pilot it around and be our water angel.

There's lots I haven't mentioned, but I know the collective wisdom here will prove useful in planning. I appreciate all helpful suggestions. Lots of folks think I'm an idiot, so there's no need to remind me of that. Some days I probably would agree with 'em.

For Union and Liberty,

aka Stickbug