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Thread: It appears my name has been used on a thread here.

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    Smile It appears my name has been used on a thread here.

    My apologies to the Provost and his moderators for the squabble that broke out over old wounds. Since I can not reply to that thread, let me post this and ask that they lock it. I do not wish to reopen that conflict.

    However, let me briefly say that I appreciate the kind words said on my behalf and the efforts we have made over the years to remember the deeds of the U.S. Sixth Corps. Mike is right, I don't want or need revenge. Thanks for knowing that, Mike.

    I want to live my life without bearing any man ill will. The troubles of long ago have worked out for good in the long run. Bill, if you should see this, I hope we get to break bread around a campfire, or at least a Waffle House , sometime soon. Thank you.

    There's a whale of lot of work to be done preserving battlefield land and educating our fellow citizens about why that is important. I'm keenly aware that one of the Old Boys fondest wishes was that they not be forgotten. I want to spend whatever time I can to work together towards those worthy goals. That is work enough.

    (Three rousing) cheers,

    Doug Dobbs
    Co E, 15th NJVI
    encamped near Hagerstown, Md.

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    To clear some air. I have closed this thread as Doug has asked. Any questions for him can been held off forum.
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