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Thread: Whiskey and bitters labels - high quality repros.

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    Default Whiskey and bitters labels - high quality repros.

    I have extra reproductions of original labels custom printed for my sutler impression. They are:

    1) Essence of Old Virginia Wheat Whiskey (1859)
    2) Biningers Old Kentucky Bourbon (1860)
    3) Biningers Traveler’s Guide Bourbon (1861)
    4) Red Jacket Bitters (1864)

    The whiskey labels are approximately 5”x3” and the bitters label is approximately 2”x6.5” (notice size of bitters label in top photo.) These are all documented and dated from originals. The printing is of a high resolution in ink that will not run and all fine registration text is legible. "WATERMARK" is not on printed labels. They look great on original bottles or the fine reproduction bottles available from NJ Sekela.

    I have a limited supply of each (8 Essence and the bitters, 10 each of the 2 whiskeys).

    $4.00 each, 3/$10, set of 1 each of all 4/$12. I pay US Mail postage.

    Personal check or USPO money order. NO PAYPAL, please.

    Please do not PM, email me if interested.

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    Do you have any 1850s whiskey labels?I am going to start an apprenticeship at the Homeplace of LBL in June,and figure I could use an 1850s label for some of the impressions.
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    The earlier you go, the harder it is to get labels. The earliest liquor label I have is 1857 for bourbon cordial.

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    Thank you, David. Sadly archival quality high resolution images of many of these labels are simply not available without paying for them to be duplicated by the LOC (which in fact, I have done at personal expense.) In addition, the LOC does not clean up stains, tears, blemishes, etc. that are present on the original. This is a tedious and time consuming process representing in some cases hours per label.

    Now available:

    4 of the Essence
    7 of the bitters
    6 each of the 2 whiskeys
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    Only one bitters label left. Consider the labels all gone.
    Thank you, all. I look forward to seeing you under the sign of Saul Goode.


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