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Thread: Medical Care at Andersonville prison

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    Default Medical Care at Andersonville prison

    Next weekend, 3/9-3/10, I'll be participating in a living history at Andersonville. I wanted to know if anyone had sources for information on the medical care at the prison.

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    What are you looking for in particular? I assume you've already tried a basic Google search:

    There's a massive amount of information, so it would help to narrow things down a little.

    Hank Trent

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    An interesting account and viewpoint can be found in "Joseph Jones MD - Scientist of the Old South".
    Jones was a Confederate Surgeon and Medical Inspector. He was sent to Andersonville to evaluate the medical care provided and mortality rate situation during the war. He was also one of those called in as witness during Wirz trial after the war. This account is a bit different than most out there, since he saw it first hand, wasnt trying to either make cause for blame diverting excuse nor politically charged condeming. He reported it as he saw it as a medical officer both pro and con.
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    I know they had hospital buildings in the surrounding area. I can give more information when I get off work. I have a journal of an ovi soldier who was in andersonville. As I recall about half the journal is about his time there. At one point he mentions working in the hospital and goes into a bit of detail
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