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Thread: Southern Service on Land & Sea: The Wartime Journal of Robert Watson CSA/CSN

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    Default Southern Service on Land & Sea: The Wartime Journal of Robert Watson CSA/CSN

    The book is edited by R. Thomas Campbell. This is a fascinating glimpse of an enlisted man's life throughout the Great Rebellion. It chronicles a carpenter's service as a member of the Florida Coast Guard (The Key West Avengers), it's incorporation into the 7th Florida infantry at Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain and then his tranfer into the CSN navy aboard the ironclad CSS Savannah. After the destruction of this vessel he sees action at Fort Fisher and with the CSN naval forces at Drury's Bluff and the fall of Richmond with Tuckers Brigade. Those members wanting to get background for their enlisted CSN impression can gather alot of info on the everyday activities of a CSN sailor.

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    Excellent book - one that I'm quite familiar with having joined Company K, 7th Florida as my first reenacting unit. Watson's insights into the day to day life of a soldier AND a sailor is incomparable to any other book. One caution, however. Like several other efforts to edit and transcribe 19th century journals and accounts, some things are lost in the translation unless you have intimate knowledge of events or 19th century life, and there are some things (mostly minor) that aren't quite correct in this editing. It doesn't detract from the value, just has some minor issues. The biggest value in this book is that it shows that Savannah Squadron sailors didn't all have naval uniforms and many had to make due with citizen's work clothes, commutation clothing, and sometimes what the army veterans brought with them. Its all good stuff
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    Cool! A new one to add to my ever growing naval/Savannah Squadron library!!
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