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    Default Scarves

    Hello all,

    I have a huge number of scarves on my hands. They are leftovers from a few vendor orders and are all hand knitted and crocheted from 100% virgin wool.

    There are:

    10 - White/Cream Scarves
    10 - Light Gray
    5 - Beautiful Olive Green - actual antique green wool
    14 - Chocolate wool/Dark gray blend
    6 - Golden/Tan, excellent period color
    2 - Solid Oatmeal Color/Dark Tan

    I'm having trouble attaching all the photos to this post but I have many detailed photos that Id be happy to email to anyone that's interested. Perfect time to pick some up for those cool spring events and those chilly nights at the upcoming 150's and LH's

    Price per scarf is $13

    Thanks, everyone! Court Phillips
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    Default Length

    What is the length on them?

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    Hey folks - sold one tan and one green but have two new ones on hand to replace them.

    Length is 6' on all.

    Price is lowered to $11 per scarf plus $2 for shipping. A great deal for the folks on this forum - they're currently being sold by a few reputable dealers for 3x that. I need to clear these out before a new batch arrives. As I said, they're all hand made from virgin wool sourced from a mill in Oregon and the roll of green wool used for the green ones is actually antique (circa 1880's) but in perfect condition and washed cold before being blocked and crocheted. PLease note, in the photo with several of the colors together the one on the left appears to be blue - that's the lighting - it's actually the chocolate brown color detailed in the other photo. Also, the gold and tan are paired in the other photo for contrast.

    I also stand ready to email detailed photos of any color scarf.

    Thanks all!


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