Men of Valor Rally to the Colours!
The Princess Anne Gray’s / Lee’s Sharpshooter’s are recruiting.
We are an Authentic unit based out of the Hampton Rhoads area of Va.
We portray a variety of Confederate units depending on the time and place of the action or event. The Princess Anne Gray’s Co. B 6th Va. Inf. Was raised in 1862 from the Princess Anne area of Virginia Beach. We also do a Sharp Shooter impression when warranted by the scenario. Headed into the 1863 cycle of events we are going to have opportunity to put sharp shooter units in the field. Starting with our School of the Sharpshooter at Ft. Washington. We are Commanded by Capt. Mike Hendricks one of the Pre imminent authorities in the hobby with 30 years’ experience. More info can be found at our web site.

Your obedient Servant
Roy N. Maddox