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Thread: Civilian knapsack, civilian/CS overcoat, Doolin canteen, CS trousers

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    Default Civilian knapsack, civilian/CS overcoat, Doolin canteen, CS trousers

    Up for grabs are the following (Regrettably, I am unable to load images- I’m told the files are too large. I can either email pics or perhaps a kindly moderator can aid in getting some visuals up on this post). I use Priority Mail for reliability and ease of tracking. Shipping will be added to costs.

    Civilian knapsack. This pack could also serve some Confederate or militia impressions as well. Pack began life as an unpainted Federal double bag. Not sure what vendor made it but it’s not a super high-end piece. I have modified it by removing the leather straps/buckles from the base. I’ve replaced those with 1 ¼” cotton webbing straps, with handsewn button holes. Straps button onto some vintage 1” brass coin buttons. Additionally, I’ve added webbing straps which can tie down a blanket roll on top of the bag, or in a horseshoe configuration. Finally, I’ve impregnated the canvas with beeswax by melting wax, brushing it onto the fabric, and then applying a hot iron. This is an under-done period waterproofing technique. $120

    Civilian/Confederate overcoat (maker is Fred Baker). Coat is made of some nice blue/grey wool. Knee-length garment with shaw style fold-down collar. Closes with four Goodyear hard rubber buttons. Lined in the body with brown polished cotton. For warmth I’ve added wool batting and hand quilted that into the chest. Sleeves are lined with natural drill. Two exterior slash pockets to keep your hands warm. This was made for a fellow who backed out of the sale after it was completed due to loss of his job. It is thus new and never worn. Sized to fit a 52, with space up or down dependent on how you prefer a coat to wear. This is designed to go atop a shell jacket and has the sleeves sized to prevent the arms from fitting too tightly. $225

    Sam Doolin wooden canteen. Those who know of Marse Doolin’s fine woodcrafting skills need no further explanation. If you’re unaware of Doolin, he set the gold standard in period-correct wooden canteens. This particular model is constructed of cherry wood and has a wooden neck spout. It closes with a hand-carved wooden stopper. The sling is the one Sam provided to me with the canteen. I believe it is a vintage Don Smith (of Trans-Mississippi Depot fame) sling made from Family Heirloom Weavers cotton with a beautiful iron buckle. For the sake of full disclosure- the canteen has come down with a slow leak over the past year or so. I can turn a needle and thread to good effect but repairs to canteens aren’t in my skill set. Perhaps a quick dose of hot beeswax inside would mend it up. **sold pending payment**

    Confederate trousers (maker is Fred Baker). I patterned these trousers after a pair housed at the Gettysburg museum. They feature rounded “frog ear” pockets. Material is Charlie Childs’ FGB jeans (not sure if this fabric is produced any longer). I’ve also added blue piping, making these nice for both officer or enlisted impressions. Anyone who has ever attempted to hand-make piping and then to set it down the length of a seam knows just how much joy (and explicatives) went into these pants. All visible stitching is hand-done, as are the button holes. Buttons are black “Japanned” tin buttons from Military Warehouse. Trousers are gently worn- they’ve seen two or three events and show very minimal signs of dirt. Sized for 36” waist and a 32” inseam. There is a solid inch or two cuffed on the inside in case you are taller and need the hem let out. $160

    Email me at to lay claim or ask questions.

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