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    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a great way to travel and reenact with their civil war dresses? I can pack them on top of everything else in the truck, but then, once our tent is set up, I am at a loss as how to hang them up without them getting in the way. Short of a wardrobe, what do you do?

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    I fold them in a trunk.
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    I roll them up together in a bundle to transport, often with my raincoat on the outside. Inside the waistband of the dresses are two cotton tape loops so the dress can be turned inside out and hung on a peg or nail. At home I can use the loops to hang them on hangers. It takes the strain off the bodice/skirt connection. It worked for the Shakers, it works for me.
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    I use a lantern hanger in my tent and hang the loops of my dresses on that. Or if you are alright using iron hooks or wooden hangers, you could take a peice of dowliing, put a nail in each end and then loop two leather strings on each side, you could make a nice clothing rod. You slip the leather loops over your ridge pole before you put your tent up and viola! You have a closet!


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    I hang a rope loop around ridge pole and "cheat" with modern hangers, then I hang my cape over all to cover , minimal wrinkling and keeps dust off everything. I do the same for each occupant, then it's easier to find anything. "personals" are in my trunk or in a split oak laundry basket as well as children's things, depending on amount of packing.

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