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Thread: 3rd USV for Chancellorsville 150th

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    Default 3rd USV for Chancellorsville 150th

    The 3rd Regiment, USV is currently planning its impressions for the 150th Chancellorsville.
    For the initial Scenario, we will be portraying one of Syke's Regulars (5th Corps, First Division).
    During Jackson's Flank Attack, we will portraying the 27th Ct.(11th Corps, First Division)
    For the final scenario, Salem Church, we will be portraying the 3rd New Jersey. (6th Corps, First Division)

    This means we will be wearing a lot of different corps badges over the course of the weekend and actively portraying the actions of each regiment during the engagements.

    We will be camped adjacent to Burnside's original trenches that were used during the Spotsylvania Campaign.

    Any interested individuals/units who are not otherwise committed and would like to be a part of this venture may contact me directly.

    Your Servant,
    Scot Buffington
    3rd USV

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    Count me in Scott!

    Jerry Lynes
    28th Mass Co B


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