The Old Northwest Volunteers (ONV) is looking for those interested in an accurate overall portrayal to join our ranks.

This coalition of like-minded Civil War reenactors was developed in 2005 out of the desire to create a new spirit of cooperation among accuracy driven individuals that hail from different units in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and beyond. We strive to organize company-strength participation (approximately 25 enlisted men) on a consistent basis at selected events.

The ONV is structured so members have an authentic company-size “home” at selected out-of-area events and regional ONV-organized events.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to get in touch with any of our roster members listed below or seek out a unit whose individuals support the ONV. Units that support the Old Northwest Volunteers include:

1. Mess #3
2. Ol Sipely Mess
3. Sally Port Mess
4. Hard Head Mess
5. Prodigal Sons Mess
6. Citizens Guard
7. Old Pards Mess
8. 33rd Wisconsin
9. Horse Hair Mess
10. Many unaffiliated individuals as well!


David Frohmader-

Dave Gerow -

Eric Fair –

Jason Reinholz –

Jeremy Bevard –

Rod Miller –

Steve Acker -

Tom Klas –

Our Website link is at to learn more about us and where we will be at in 2013.

Please feel free to contact any of us listed or the units that support the ONV if you have any questions or wish to join.