If there was ever an overcoat that met the criteria of “Confederate homespun” this is it. This overcoat is constructed out of material from Family Heirloom Weavers in jean with a homespun lining. All of the button holes are hand stitched, of course, and the balance of the coat is a combination of machine and hand sewing. It could possibly be all hand sewn but I cannot, of course, take the coat apart to check the interior stitching. Buttons are wood.

I considered this my “odd-duck” overcoat as it has a unique curved button pattern and it actually closes backwards – like a woman’s garment. In that regard it could be used as a woman’s overcoat.

I wear a size 46 jacket at 190 pounds and have worn it without a jacket underneath. There is ample room in the chest for a jacket underneath but it was extremely tight in the arm holes for me wearing a jacket under it. It most likely would work just fine as an overcoat with a uniform underneath for someone wearing a size 40 / 42, maybe a 44. As it is I mainly used it lounging around without a jacket underneath or to sleep in.

This coat is clean, without faults, and ready to hit the field.

Made by Eric Woods.

I am asking $150 / offer. Pay Pal only.