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Thread: Looking for a Confederate Unit in West Virginia?

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    Default Looking for a Confederate Unit in West Virginia?

    Hello everyone i'm finally going to get into reenacting and looking for a unit i'm in Huntington, WV Cabell County hopefully a unit is nearby to here maybe?

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    Hello Sir,

    My name is J. D. Rinehart, and I am with a unit out of central Pa. I noticed that you were looking for a unit out of Huntington, WV, but was wondering if you were willing to travel. Seeing as how most of the events will be heading South the next few years we will be traveling in your direction, and are always looking for a good rifle for the ranks. We currently have two members that are in the WV area, one out of Bridgeport and the other from Nutter Fort.

    If you are unable to find anything your way I hope that you will at least consider us. We represent the 18th North Carolina "Co. A".

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    J. D.


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