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Thread: Making Civil War items

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rufus View Post
    Echos of Glory and you can find it at the link below
    Thank for the link.


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    Quote Originally Posted by A.J. Hamler View Post
    Josie --- Whatcha think on my guesses as to that mess chest's dimensions and construction?
    Cpl. AJ, I beleive you are spot on with the dimensions and the materials. Also notice the leather covering atop the lid extends down a heavy inch as to protect the chest from water and dust. For the most part, mess chests, tack boxes and field desks were extensively field altered as to suit the needs of the owner/ personal gear interiors have been made and remade several times in my 20 years in the hobby.

    When researching the Lee Chest, I was able to approximate the missing tray simply be noting the heights of the mess gear and the wear on the interior rails yet in place. Lee's tray proved to be about half-width to allow the taller pots to have headroom....much as the wine bottle holes in EoG example. Our reproductions are licensed and approved by the host Museums and any missing pieces are, if possible, be retro-fitted to portray the condition of the artifact as it was used in the War.

    On the Jackson Desk at the VMI, the table was missing...understandibly so as table legs do not respond well to being dragged, pulled and transported in baggage wagons. The VMI Museum allowed Logan Creek to approximate a period table by noting the location of four dowel pins on the four corners on the underside of the desk. These pins would have registered into four corresponding holes in the original tabletop. By noting the wear marks scratched and rubbed on the desk fall front, we were able to detrermine the depth of the top...the fall front marks determined where the table top front was reached...pretty simple when "white glove" examination of an artifact is allowed.

    Along those same lines, the Jackson Desk is prominently displayed in the VMI Museum. I was allowed to construct a generic, but dimensionally accurate table on which to display the desk....after many close up examinations of the original desk we were pleased to donate a copy which resides in the Jackson display.
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