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Thread: piercings during the civil war?

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    Default piercings during the civil war?

    For some time now I have seen girls reenacting civilians of the time and so many of them have piercings in the ears. (I have even seen some extreme with nose and tongue piercings). I guess my question is, were piercings common among middle class families of the time? and should they be wearing these during a reenactment?

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    A single piercing in the lobe of the ear was a common, accepted way to wear earrings, many of which were similar to the sort we call 'French Hooks'

    Multiple piercings in the ear, or piercings elsewhere, well, my research hasn't turned such up on women of the period.

    Those holes aren't going to grow closed in a weekend, and the jewelry should be taken out. Otherwise, it's just another way of shouting 'Look at me, I'm Special'.

    If the piercings are new enough to grow closed in a weekend, well, they should have planned better. I take my gel coat false nails off before an event too, and that job takes over an hours and washes an expensive manicure down the drain. Oh well. I'll think ahead next time before I get one.
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