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Thread: 2 men seeking to join unit for Gettysburg battle in July 2013

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    Default 2 men seeking to join unit for Gettysburg battle in July 2013

    Good day fellow CSA members. We are 2 men looking to join unit for Gettysburg battle in July 2013. We are presently located in Reading Pa - which is between Philadelphia & Harrisburg. I have 3 yrs of reenacting experience, all of which have been the civil war era & my friend has 9. If there is a unit that would be in our area -please contact us at

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    Which Event?
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    The 137th NY performed way, way better than the 20th Maine at Gettysburg. They just didn't have a self promoting blow hard of a Col. leading them. Maybe you should look up the history of the 83rd Pennsylvania too, they make the 20th Maine look like the rookies they were.
    There are some very good books out there about the fighting on Culps and Lower Culps Hill. Vincent's Brigade had nothing on those boys at the other end of the line.

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    Might want to post in the MILITARY posts instead of Civilian. Might get moe responses.
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