Hello there we are a newer and growing authentic unit out of NWA (Northwest Arkansas) And we are looking for authentic minded individuals who would like to join up with our unit. We are very open to new recruits and attempt to help and improve individuals the best we can. We also research as much as we can each event we attend allowing us to modify our impressions to fit the event. We currently are expanding into the events we attend as we grow and branch out meeting new folks. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the unit please feel free to contact me! Thanks

21st Arkansas, as an official unit, fought at the Battle of Pea Ridge in March of 1862. After the fight the Unit was ordered across the Mississippi where it was designated the 15th Arkansas, upon realizing there were 2 15th Arkansas units, they were re-designated the NW 15th Arkansas. They also fought in the Iuka-Corinth Campaign and the Vicksburg Campaign.