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Thread: Help with a Defarb...

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    Default Help with a Defarb...

    Anyone wanna try and pitch in and get this,and do a few minor defarbs??

    C'mon fellers, whaddya say?

    In all seriousness, last surviving monitor, the 139 year old Austo-Hungarian river Monitor SMS Lajta (Leitha) built in 1871.

    Her original configuration... almost looks like a PassaicClass... Almost...
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    But the Hungarians aren't selling it.
    - Ernesto Serna

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    She's a handsome craft in profile. Low and sinister.
    Mel Glover
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    IIRC monitors were the height of naval technology for the Austro-Hungarians as late as 1914, when they were obsolete and feeble among the other European powers. The Austrian navy made a pretty poor showing during the Great War.
    Rob Weaver
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    Farb that I am, I would just file off the "Made in Hungary" and use as is...
    M. A. Schaffner
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    Beat me to it...just re-locate the serial number below deck and viola' "The Monitor" (or Merrimack...they are interchangeable).
    Craig L Barry

    Author: The Civil War Musket: A Handbook for Historical Accuracy

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    Hmmmmmmm....Österreichischer Kriegsmarine.....would be a seriously cool impression


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