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Thread: Southern Girl With Homespun Dress

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    Default Southern Girl With Homespun Dress

    Thought the southern ladies might like this.

    The Southern Girl With Homespun Dress.
    (Author Unknown.)
    Air--Bonnie Blue Flag.

    Oh! yes, I am a Southern girl,
    And glory in the name,
    And boast it with far greater pride
    Than glittering wealth or fame.
    I envy not the Northern girl
    Her robes of beauty rare;
    Though diamonds grace her snowy neck,
    And pearls bedeck her hair.


    Hurrah! hurrah! for the sunny South so dear;
    Three cheers for the homespun dress
    The Southern ladies wear.

    This homespun dress is plain, I know--
    My hat's Palmetto, too--
    But then it shows what Southern girls
    For Southern rights will do.
    We've sent the bravest of our land
    To battle with the foe,
    And we would lend a helping hand;
    We love the South, you know.

    Now, Northern goods are out of date,
    And since Old Abe's blockade,
    We Southern girls can be content
    With goods that Southern made.
    We scorn to wear a bit of silk,
    A bit of Northern lace,
    But make our homespun dresses up
    And wear them with much grace.

    Our Southern land is a glorious land,
    And her's a glorious cause;
    So here's three cheers for Southern rights,
    And for the Southern boys.
    We've sent our sweethearts to the war;
    But, dear girls, never mind,
    Your soldier lad will not forget
    The girl he left behind.

    A soldier is the lad for me--
    A brave heart I adore--
    And when the sunny South is free,
    And fighting is no more,
    I'll choose me then a lover brave
    From out that gallant band;
    The soldier lad that I love most
    Shall have my heart and hand

    And now young men, a word to you;
    If you would win the fair,
    Go to the field where honor calls,
    And win your lady there.
    Remember that our brightest smiles
    Are for the true and brave,
    And that our tears fall for the one
    That fills a soldier's grave.

    Geo. Dailey
    U S Naval Landing Party
    Battery D 1st Michigan

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    Much fun!

    I spent some quality time last week with 4 homespun items-2 dresses, one shirt and one pair of trousers.

    Three of the four are shining examples of homespun as political statement rather than true necessity.
    Terre Hood Biederman
    Yassir, I used to go by Mrs. Lawson
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