The 1st Maine Cavalry would like to extend an invitation to any progressively minded Federal cavalry units or troopers to join us in forming a company at BGA's Gettysburg event.

Our company has been asked by the Federal command to portray the 8th Illinois in the Buford's Stand engagement, and fire the first shots of the event, which is a nice honor.

We will have authenticity standards that will be strictly enforced for our company, including no gal troops or paint horses, detailed uniform and gear standards (no modern or farby tack) and we will function as a period military unit.

We are in the process of arranging an off site remote parking area that will allow us to march into, and out of the event. Our camp will be a campaign camp, with only what can be carried on our horses.

Our emphasis will be on doing things are right as we can within the confines of the event. We will have additional living history scenarios for our company throughout the weekend, and will have a generally bully time.

If you're planning to go to the "big show" but you want to take part in a unique and rewarding cavalry experience, then we're the place for you to hang your sabre. I'll post more info here shortly, or you can get in touch with me directly at:

Take care,
Tom Craig
1st Maine Cavalry