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    Default Beauregard's Tailor 2013 - Confederate Depot Catalog

    2013 Beauregard’s Tailor Catalog

    Confederate Depot Jackets

    Richmond Depot Type II
    Richmond Depot jackets are constructed from wool jean or imported English kesery, lined in 100% cotton osanburg, and closed with a 6 – 9 button front. As per the originals, the construction of these jackets can be done by hand or machine, with the sleeve caps, belt loops, and buttonholes always done by hand. The buttons for these jackets are generally Federal eagles, sand-cast “I” block, or imported script buttons. Production time frame for this jacket begins sometime in early-mid 1862 – 1865.

    Price: $200.00 shipped

    Richmond Depot Type III
    The Richmond Depot Jacket Type III is constructed from English imported blue/grey kesery and lined in 100% cotton osanburg. Similar to the Type II, the jacket can be hand or machine sewn, with the sleeve caps, details, and buttonholes being hand sewn. The construction skill level seen on the original Type III’s varies greatly, and therefore I offer these jackets at different levels of quality. Please specify poor, standard, or tailored when placing and order. The exact date of production for the III is unclear, but it would be safe to say no earlier than mid-late 1863 – 1865.

    Price: $185.00

    Columbus Depot Jacket
    The Columbus Depot style jacket can be linked throughout the Army of Tennessee and the Department of the Mississippi starting in late 1862. These jackets are constructed from a wide range of cotton and wool jean, lined in 100% cotton osanburg, and are closed with state, Federal eagles, sand-cast “I” block, or imported script buttons. The collar and cuffs are trimmed in medium blue wool. Similar to the Richmond Depot Jackets, machine sewn construction was seen in some of these jackets, and therefore these can be ordered machine sewn or completely handsewn, with the machine sewn jackets maintaining handsewn sleeve caps, details, and buttonholes. These jackets also can have outside or inside pockets as per the many different styles seen on the originals.

    Price: $185.00

    Mobile Depot Jacket
    The Mobile Depot Jacket or “Mystery Depot Jacket” is believed to have been produced in and Mobile, Alabama and then shipped to both the surrounding regions and the Army of Northern Virginia. The jacket is patterned similar to that of both the Richmond and Columbus Depot jackets, but maintains a single piece collar and sleeves. The jacket body is attached to the lining with a basting stitch, creating an illusion of topstitching – with a second row of topstitching being added. The jacket is lined in 100% cotton osanburg, with the body being constructed from a rough grey wool jean. The sewing of these jackets appear to have been done exclusively by hand. The jacket also has one outside pocket on the left side. Issuance and production of these jackets appear to have occurred in 1863 – 1865.

    Price: $225.00

    Department of Alabama
    The so called Department of Alabama Jackets were produced starting late – 1864 and were part of an effort to re-cloth the shattered of the Army of Tennessee after Hood’s failed Nashville Campaign during the fall and early winter of that year. These jackets have a basic pattern, but the construction greatly varies from original to original. The basic jacket has a six-piece body, two-piece sleeve, one outside pocket, and a dark blue wool jean collar. This is where the similarities end. Some originals are constructed identical to the Mobile Depot jacket, with the false double-topstitching, while other are sewn more similar to those seen coming out of Richmond and Columbus. All the jackets have outside pockets, but some have them on the left front, while others on the right (a rare thing in Confederate Depot and Commutation clothing). Lastly, both photographic evidence and at least one original identified to Fort Blakely (Mobile Bay) have cuff trim (similar to that of Columbus). The body is constructed from grey/tan wool jean, lined in 100% cotton osanburg, trimmed with blue on brown wool jean, and closed with Confederate wooden buttons or imported script buttons. The sewing of these jackets appear to have been done exclusively by hand with the body, lining and sleeves being sewn with a tight running stitch.

    Price: $200.00
    Price: $225.00 (double-topstitching)

    Charleston Depot Jacket
    The Charleston Depot jacket is one of the finest looking and cut jackets that the Confederacy ever produced. These jackets are constructed from blue/grey wool jean or blue English Army Cloth. The basic pattern calls for a six-piece body, one-piece sleeve, two belt loops (some exclude this feature), one inside pocket, and the left front collar flush with the left front body. The originals have a mix of construction, like most depot clothing, with some containing features of edge facing. The amount of buttons also varies from 5 – 6. The belt loops are in the shape of traditional Confederate epaulets. The lining of the Charleston Depot jacket is 100% cotton osanburg, with the inside pocket being that of a patch form (basted or topstitched into place). The sewing of the jackets appear to be either machine or hand, with the originals being sewn by hand, but the images of these jackets showing obvious machine work - if machine sewn, the buttonholes, sleeve caps, and details are still handsewn. The buttons for the jacket are South Carolina state buttons, import script, or sand-cast block “I” buttons.

    Price: $205.00

    “Deep South” Depot
    The “Deep South” Depot jacket is based upon a variety of different surviving and photographed jackets that appear to have been depot produced, but do not fit any of the traditionally accepted patterns used by Columbus, Richmond, Mobile, and etc. The jacket has a six – piece body, one-piece sleeve, lined in 100% cotton osanburg, and one inside patch pocket. The construction of the jacket is done by machine, with handsewn sleeve caps, buttonholes and details. Because of the wide variety of these jackets, the fabrics vary from tan, grey, brown, and blue wool jean cloth. The buttons would be Federal eagles, sand-cast block “I”, or Confederate wooden buttons.

    Price: $175.00

    Houston Depot Jacket
    Houston Depot jacket is based on the description and photographs of believed Houston produced jackets. These jackets are made from imported English Army cloth, similar to those produced in Charleston and Richmond. The jackets have six piece bodies, two piece sleeves, and branch trim (sky blue, red, or yellow) on the cuffs and collar. The jacket is closed with seven sand-cast Confederate service buttons of block “I”. The lining and patch pocket is made from unbleached cotton osnaburg, with the sleeves being lined in bleached cotton osanburg.

    Price: $185.00

    *Custom Depot Jackets
    I do offer custom-made depot jackets. If there is an original jacket you would like me to copy please feel free to contact me at .

    Confederate Depot Trousers

    Richmond Depot Trousers
    Richmond Depot Trousers are constructed from wool jean or kesery, with colors including: grey, black, brown, sky blue, and tan wool jean and royal and sky blue kesery. The trousers maintain mule – ear pockets, osanburg cotton waist lining, and bone, painted tin, or wooden buttons. Similar to the Richmond produced jackets, the trousers can be machine or handsewn. While identified to the Richmond Depot, this pattern is nearly identical to those being produced throughout the South during the war.

    Price: $175.00

    Western Depot Trousers
    Similar to the Richmond Depot Trousers above, these trousers can be constructed from all of the above fabrics and materials, with the difference being that of the pockets. These trousers have side-seam pockets as seen on some original trousers being produced.

    Price: $175.00

    *Custom Depot Trousers
    I do offer custom-made depot trousers. If there is an original jacket you would like me to copy please feel free to contact me at .

    Confederate Depot Shirts

    North Carolina Depot Shirt
    Based on one identified to a North Carolina Confederate surviving in the Army of Northern Virginia, the shirt appears to have been one produced in that state. The shirt has one small outside pocket, closed with china buttons, and is constructed from dark blue wool flannel. The shirt is completely handsewn as per the original with cotton thread.

    Price: $140.00

    Southern Depot Shirt
    Almost identical to the above, this shirt is constructed and patterned in the same matter, but has two differences. Instead of blue wool flannel, this shirt is made from blue wool jean and the second being that the shirt has a button on the back of the neck for a detachable collar.

    Price: $140.00

    Louisiana Shirt
    The Louisiana Shirt is based one currently in the Don Troiani collection, the shirt is constructed from blue and brown striped cotton. The shirt has two outside pockets, made from a slightly different fabric and is closed with tin buttons. The shirt has no cuffs and a folded placket. As per the original, the shirt is completely handsewn.

    Price: $135.00

    Confederate Depot Shirt
    Unidentified Confederate shirt made from heavy unbleached cotton and one-outside patch pocket. The shirt is completely handsewn, with the pocket being double-topstitched, and all seams are hand-felled. The shirt is closed with china buttons.

    Price: $130.00

    Army of Northern Virginia Shirt
    Unlike the above, these shirts can be made from a wide variety of wool flannels, cottons, and jean cloths. Based on photos from the Army of Northern Virginia throughout the war, these shirts come in a number of different patterns and styles. Pleas inquire for more details per the different originals.

    Price: $140.00
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