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    Default FS Artillery Shells

    For Sale: Artillery Shells. All shells are made from Iron, not zinc or resin. This gives them the same weight and feel as original shells. This also allows the display of ammunition without risk to original rounds, at a fraction of the cost. This is what the ammunition looked like fresh from the arsenal.

    1. 10 Pdr Parrott Bolt: $35
    2. 10 Pdr Parrott Shell with brass time fuse holder: $60
    3. 10 Pdr Parrott Case Shot with brass time fuse (has lead shot in body): $80
    4. 3" Hotchkiss Shot: $65
    5. 3"Hotchkiss Shell with brass time fuse holder: $80
    6. 12 Pdr Shell with brass time fuse or borman fuse: $80

    All rounds are exact replicas of the originals, could actually be shot. Hotchkiss rounds have the correct lead band, Parrott Ammunition has brass sabots. We also have canister, grape shot, solid shot etc. We also have the correct boxes for display as well.
    Please email for pictures or other information.


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    Any 6 pounder ammo?
    David Thomas
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    Fayetteville, NC

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    But of course! We have:

    1. 6 Pdr Solid shot $12 Fixed to a sabot: $37
    2. 6 Pdr Case shot with Borman fuse: $40, Fixed to sabot: $55
    3. Canister: $45.

    The case shot is a solid that is bored out to receive the replica borman fuse. It is the same weight as spherical case. It is also painted Red to differentiate it from shell. All of these items are in stock. Prices are plus shipping.

    Thank you,


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