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    I am currently reading the book "First with the most" about Nathan Bedford Forrest by author Robert Selph Henry. It' the first book I have ever read about the General but probably not the last. Has anyone else in here read it?

    I was reading the fairly new book "Jack Hinson's One-Man War, A Civil War Sniper" by Tom McKenney and it was talked about the famous General and I just felt I had to read a book about him. And has anybody read the book "Jack Hinson's One-Man War, A Civil War Sniper" ? I just wondered how the author could have such detailed accounts about some if his kills, because I couldn't find anything mentioning a diary from Jack Hinson left behind or maybe I missed that.

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    Yes, I have read both books.

    I live approximately 40 miles from the area where Jack Hinson lived and the actions of this book were set. While it is very interesting and enjoyable reading, please do not mistake every word as the gospel truth. Let's just say that the author took some, "literary license" with his work.

    Oh, and there are many, many more books on General Forrest for you to enjoy. Although, some of them take liberties with the facts on occasion, too.

    Mark Choate
    7th TN. Cavalry, Co. D

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    Dear Sir,
    "A Battle from the Start," The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest, by Brian Steel Wills is probably the latest biography of value. Dave Powell has a recent book about Forrest's failure as a cavalryman at Chickamauga entitled "Failure in the Saddle. Unfortunately Forrest was perhaps under appreciated during the war and his postwar activities are shrouded in secrecy.
    all for the old flag,
    David Corbett


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