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Other locals and myself went through the new visitors center before they started charging for admission, and we could not find/see more than a small portion of the materials from the old visitors center on display. All the camp stuff was gone, most of the uniforms were gone, the display of cannon barrels was gone, the large display of guns was gone.

At the old visitors' center parking was next to the building and it was easy to get from the parking lot to the entrance. At the new visitor center, by the time I reached the door after struggling to transverse strips of swamp, I was done in.

I and other locals whom I have talked to enjoyed the old visitor center. I *really* don't like the new one.
The Gettysburg Foundation doesn't care what you think. Isn't that obvious. And the current, (lack of) display of artifacts has been discussed ad nauseum here and on every internet board everywhere since the museum has opened. And, the Gettysburg Foundation hasn't changed a thing. If you don't like it call them and most of all, don't give them your money. That's the only way it's going to change. And, oh by the way, the new museum wasn't built just for "us," it was built for the huge tourist traffic that frequents the place each and every year. And they don't care the Gettysburg Foundation charges stadium prices for everything inside the building. It's the money that matters to that town in the end not the history. It's what the town can make off of the history that really matters. It's been that way since July 5, 1863, complaining on an internet board isn't going to change it.

And, if I read my calendar correctly, every rifle/musket the NPS has in their collection will be on display tomorrow thru Monday. Not that I need to pay to see them.

And, you book is great BTW.