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    Could someone tell me if there is a group dedicated to the Texas Brigade in Waco, Texas.

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    Theres Jack Kings Texas brigade but were mostly out of Houston, but have members all over the state.
    Now we do mostly western theater stuff but we will be doing Gettysburg and Chickamauga this year.

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    I'm a member of the Alamo Rifles out of San Antonio, with members also in the Austin area, a hundred miles south of Waco. Our primary impression is the 6th Texas which was a part of Granbury's Texas Brigade in the AOT. We also are a member company of the Red River Battalion, in Jack King's brigade of reenactors, which is indeed going to the BGA Gettysburg and Chickamauga. There are a few reenactors in Waco who research the 7th Texas which was also in Granbury's Texas Brigade, but they are not a formally organized reenacting group. Dougd, feel welcomed to get in touch with me.

    Phil McBride
    Lockhart, Texas


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