I've worn both pegged brogans and stitched-sole brogans. I can't see any difference between the two as far as which lasted longer etc. The pegs did work out quite often and my feet got a little wetter when I stepped through a little water. My stitched-sole brogans were a little more water-tight and I didn't have to remember to check for missing pegs. Based on that, I'd go with stitched-sole brogans if I had to choose. I'm sure there are some that will argue that pegged-soles were the standard fare among troops, but I could counter with the fact that soldiers got shoes where and when they could. I'm pretty sure they weren't too picky when the temperatures dropped and snow fell. So with that in mind, get what you want but spend a little extra dough and get some quality footwear. Reenacting is like hunting...if you're feet are miserable, then you probably are, too!