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Thread: Authentic/Period Correct Chevrons

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    Default Authentic/Period Correct Chevrons

    I was recently promoted to the rank of 1st Sgt. of my company. I will be needing chevrons for my shell jacket. I am asking for recomendations of sutlers who sell quality, period correct insignia. When looking at web sites it is sometimes difficult to see to quality or workmanship of the items. Any information would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    Chris Sullivan of Stoney Brook company makes great chevrons, my 1sgt chevrons are from him, and I have a set of corporal chevrons from CJ Daley that are good. I also have seen good ones on guys who got them from Sekela. Watch for most sutler row versions in that the colors aren't quite right, and the shape isn't quite right usually either. Most of the folks I just mentioned use the "bowed" patter chevrons, but Chris Sullivan will make you straight ones if you want. Go look at original examples or photos to get an idea of what they should really look like. I believe you will find Sullivan, Daley and Sekela meet that test. You will pay more, but get a good product. Another aspect you can document is locally made chevrons. There are existing photos where you can see that the chevrons are crudely made and appear to be wool tape sewn on to the jacket. I would go with a quality vendor though.
    Frank Siltman
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    Alternatively you could make your own. There are any number of photos showing this. I know several guys who cannibalized an old pair of trousers for the raw material.
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