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Thread: All Dressed Up and a Place to go . . . The 150th BGA Gettysburg

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    Default All Dressed Up and a Place to go . . . The 150th BGA Gettysburg

    “All Dressed Up and a Place to go . . . The 150th Commemoration and Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg!”

    Veteran reenactors know when they’ve attended a good event. Some events that once were premier reenactments have seen sharp decline over the years becoming only a skeleton of what they once were. In many instances, we see a lack in the quality of scenarios, failure to enforce rules or to establish and uphold standards. We’ve heard again and again from reenactors insisting that organizers do what they need to do to make events what they ought to be in terms of quality and accuracy.

    Our event organizers are approaching the 150th Gettysburg event with the same mindset that we have in researching and buying our uniforms and equipment. We focus on historical accuracy. Therefore, the details of the original battles will be incorporated into the scenarios including proper troop staging, movements, and outcomes achieved the way they historically occurred. Research is critical, first, to understand exactly what happened and, second, to plan the scenario keeping in mind many of the participants may know just as much about the battle, if not more. If a scenario is wrong, it isn’t worth the reenactors’ time. If an overly zealous commander chooses to break scenario, he has cheated everyone, including the spectators.

    The serious reenactor strives for authenticity. Whether it’s our own impression, the unit we choose to join, or the events we attend. We want an experience that allows us a level of “immersion” into that time period where we all share a passion. I have seen many great impressions from all across the spectrum of reenacting--impressions that I know the individuals have put a good deal of research into--and many times we hear the phrase “museum quality” in describing uniforms and equipment. We understand quality, and we can tell the difference when an impression is poor or when an event is poor.

    “By reenactors for reenactors” is not a statement we take lightly. It is a promise to you that all Blue Gray Alliance events will be well-organized where you and your families will be provided with the very best logistical support possible with historically accurate scenarios that satisfy the reenactors and the spectators. We understand the dynamics of presenting high quality reenactments. We, the organizers will be participating alongside you, camping with you and will be there to meet any issue when it happens. We also employ a separate paid army to manage security, medical, sanitation, water, ice, hay, and the other logistics to assure a safe and successful event. If you, the reenactors, see the event as successful, the spectators will as well. If the event preparation does not match the preparation of the reenactors, it will fail on a very basic level.

    The Blue Gray Alliance Gettysburg presents reenactors with a unique opportunity to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The terrain will be very similar to that of the original battlefield and the numbers of troops will be there from every spectrum of reenacting and from most of the reenacting organizations in the nation. Scenarios are being painstakingly planned to be historically accurate in every possible detail. It is our goal that this event, just like the authentic impressions you will wear, will be a “museum quality” event, worthy of its significance, its participants and a treasure to be long remembered.

    Terry Shelton
    1st Regiment Kentucky Volunteers, Co E CSA

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    Are you or know who is in charge of this event It seems an orgamization person had contacted me at Pry Hose in MD, to do a correct impression and lecure of the subject iof Civil War Medicine (I do a 1st person impression C.S.Cullen MD CMD) Any help in this would be appreciated. As I would love to add this to my schedule.
    Please appy to my E mail
    B Gent

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    Terre Lawson may be able to steer you in the right direction. I'm thinking she knows who the person is who is putting together the speakers for that weekend.
    Bernard Biederman
    30th OVI
    Co. B


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