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    I know this was a subject on a previous post sometime ago an ill probably kick the kid of the can of worms but I was curious if there was a site for single folks in living history.
    I've played music for a living for most of my life (I also do alternative photography- daguerreotype and wet plate) and never had any problem meeting women; I've never met anyone any were interested in living if I did WWll some of my female friends would definitely be game-
    Now if I could find one that lived old time music and 18th & 19th century living history!

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    Moderator Note: This topic has indeed come up before, but since it is the mission of this forum to discuss and promote the study and interpretation of the Civil War, not necessarily one's social life outside of it, we have deemed this against the guidelines. We suggest actually going to events and meeting people - it worked for me....
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