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    A little over a week past the event and my head is still spinning.
    I want to thank everyone for contributing to such a fantastic experience.
    The event staff: Mark Herzog, Jerry Lynes, Jim Kirk, and everyone up at HQ. WOW, what a bully job by everyone. The whole process of logistics was staggering and you pulled it off for everyone.

    I need to thank all the guys who came together to make the "Irish Brigade" a reality. Each company was a composite of units from all over the country, many men had never met before. All came together in the spirit of the event and worked together as true teams. It was a shining moment for the hobby. There were units from the USV, National Regiment, Mifflin Guard, Vincent's Brigade, Federal Volunteer Brigade, and many others who worked toward a common goal. It was amazing how well the units functioned after very little time to shake themselves out. The officers were all professional and handled their men very well.

    Outstanding mention goes out to the 28th Mass from all over the country. The Luks' who made the really cool 69th NY marker flag. The band from the FVB! Mike Schaffner for keeping us all on the same page. Jim Kirk for giving up his time in uniform to run things behind the scenes. Mike Kraus for bringing and keeping the 116th PV alive. Jim Pepe for the outstanding 88th NY. Aaron Hooks of the 63rd NY for his dash and youth that keeps us all young. Kevin Air for carrying the green banner and holding it high. Tom Burke for being the gentleman scholar and getting the job, any job, done. Kim Perlotto and Dan Czereputszco for being there to never let me fall...or fail. The NC 88th NY for driving all that way and being Yankees in the South.

    This event has been on my reenacting bucket list for almost 30 years. Well done everyone!! What a great time.

    Scot Buffington
    formerly LTC and commander of the Irish Brigade.

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    very much agree- great event
    as far as the irish brigade coming from all over the country,
    I had a guy on my right from Mass, and the guy on my left was from NC, I'm from in the middle

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    Thanks was a lot of work but seems to have come off well! The community reaction here in the Fredericksburg area has been quite's Fredericksburg paper names it as one of the top 10 local news headlines of the year...that is certainly a unique accolade for a reenactment! (See:

    Jerry Lynes
    28th Mass, Co B
    Battle of Fredericksburg Commemoration Committee


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