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Thread: New To Reenacting And looking For A Group In Richmond, Va

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    Default New To Reenacting And looking For A Group In Richmond, Va

    I do not have any Civil War gear, but I am looking to get into Reenacting. I would appreciate any responses back! I am looking for tips and any leads for me! Thanks!


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    Well Collin, it's like this, you need to find a unit.

    Where do you live, so men around there can help you.
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    Wink Looking for a unit.

    I am located in Midlothian, Va. My email is

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    Collin... email sent
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    Hi Collin,

    I'm relatively new to the Civil War scene myself. Here are some thoughts:

    The clothing and equipment you need will likely be determined by the group you play with. They will probably be representing a particular unit and quite possibly even particular engagements. They will be able to suggest to you your minimum kit requirements and sources.

    The usual question from new folks goes like this: I want to be a generic Confederate/Union solider, what do I wear? The answer is not that straight forward. Many people have a few or even several different styles of "kit" in order to accommodate different scenarios depending on which theater and what year of the war you are in for any particular scenario. Even the weapon you carry may change depending on the scenario. Some groups have unearthed excellent research materials that allow them to identify exactly what equipment their portrayed units were issued, and when.

    In general, your equipment will break down along the lines of Eastern vs. Western theater, and earlier vs. later in the war. For example, earlier in the war you may find more state-issued militia gear with some units, and later more central-government issued. Of course there are exceptions. A smoothbore musket like an 1816 conversion or an 1842 is a good Confederate choice throughout the war, especially earlier, though again depending on your unit they may know that a different arm is more appropriate for a specific time. Many also had rifled weapons, of course, so that is also a possibility, and if you are like me you will end up with a variety of arms.

    I highly recommend the Time Life 3-volume set of Echoes of Glory. It is a great overview of Confederate and Union equipment with very nice pictures.

    You'll want to avoid buying junk if you can help it. The Authentic Campaigner has an excellent listing of "Approved Vendors" who are known to sell high-quality reproductions. Be aware, though, that just because it is high quality does not mean it is appropriate for any impression.

    Have fun!

    Steve Sheldon

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    Give us a look I would also be glad to answer any questions. Good luck and hope to hear from you.
    Roy N. Maddox


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