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    I am looking for an artillery unit in the TN area to join. I am currently doing living history @ National Battlefield Parks as part of artillery demos, so I have been trained up to NPS standards. I would like to join a unit that does both reenacting and living history within driving distances of SE TN. I have many follow on skill sets and a strong back ground in medicine. Contact me via email -

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    If you are progressively minded you may wish to contact the Mossy Creek Mess, who is a member group in SCAR. Their website is linked at They are based in E. TN.

    Good luck,
    Jim Butler

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    If you are trained by NPS for crew drill, I caution you to watch units that are "certified" by the Loyal Train of Artillery guys. They do not do proper period crew drill like the NPS trains from Hunt, Barry and French, they have their own drill that they made up that is not period correct. Drives me nuts everytime I watch them.
    Frank Siltman
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    Lawton/Fort Sill, OK

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    Thank you for the lead! I will follow up on your suggestion.

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    Frank, thank you for the heads up. My wife in in the Army Reserves and is posted to Ft. now and then, I have always wanted to go to the the artilley muesum. I would like to follow up a little more in depth on your post, but privately. Would you mind giving out your email address or post to me @

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    You might look at
    This the unit that I belong to [well one of them] and it is great. I'm not sure about our drills being correct but they are ncwa.


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