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Thread: Swapped Enfield Rifles at 150th Fredericksburg

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    Default Swapped Enfield Rifles at 150th Fredericksburg

    After cleaning the Enfield today its clear that its not mine. I was with the 88th NY
    and I'm pretty sure the inadvertant swap happened after I took at hit at marye's heights. I fell to the left of the Union line close to the spectators maybe 1/3 of the way to the wall. There were a nuymber of casualties around me with rifles on the ground.

    My rifle has a cracked stock, a horizontal crack about 1/3 way up the shoulder part, and was about to be repaired. The one I now have does not. Also the bluing is well worn. If you ended up with an Enfield in this condition please contact me at or phone at 703-490-8910 and we can exchange further details.

    Kevin Kelley
    Kevin Kelley
    Bradys Michigan Sharpshooters

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    I forwarded this to the Federal command list, Kevin. Hope you hear something soon.
    M. A. Schaffner
    Midstream Regressive Complainer

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    I'm glad that I am apart of a hobby that is made up of people like Kevin Kelley.

    Thank you for your honesty Sir,

    Kyle W. Sanders

    Armory Guards
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