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Thread: Vocab question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabenkater View Post
    Different time period, but it still applies.

    Caution! May be offensive to those with delicate natures, please proceed with caution.
    I like part #3.

    Hank Trent

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    LOL - I love his rants. In one of them he actually says that politely saying "How may I help you better?" just doesn't work. I know he's been a refreshing voice of reality to me occasionally. (I also have some of his gear and it's top shelf, too.)
    Rob Weaver
    Pine River Boys, Co I, 7th Wisconsin
    "We're... Christians, what read the Bible and foller what it says about lovin' your enemies and carin' for them what despitefully use you -- that is, after you've downed 'em good and hard."
    -Si Klegg and His Pard Shorty


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