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    I have decided to let go of all of my Federal Infantry kit . Here is a list of what I have left. It is all top quality gear I have bought over the years all of it has ben used a lot but is still in great shape and has lots off life left in it. I will accept m/o and paypal,contact me first please before you use paypal. It is best if you email me your questions instead of sending a pm,I check my email a lot more that I do this site.

    1) A set of Butch Myers 1857 Federal Issue Acctrouments. This set has served me well for years and still have plenty of life left in them. The cartridge box has been weighted to simulate 40 rounds with out the chance of a lead mine ball getting in the way. I'll take $350.00 for the whole set.

    2)Chris Daley Federal issue blouse in great shape and best of all no waiting for it. I bought a sz.44 but it is more like a 42. I'll take $125.00

    3)Federal haversack, great shape,made by the long gone Haversack Depot. I just have to find the innner bag and it will be complete. $30.00

    4) Sekela Fed forage cap size 7 1/4 pretty much brand new but the chin strap broke, therefore I'll take $50.00 for it.

    5) Another forage cap made by Scott Lyndon I've had this for a while and wore it a few times, still in good shape, size 7 1/4. $ 50.00 for it also.

    6) Fed double bag. I have no idea who made this but it will pass muster at any event. This one is well used but will still last a while. $60.00

    That's all I have for now, let me know if you are interested at

    Tommy Jackson
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